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About the Judicial

Process Comission


Our Mission & Our Vision

Our Mission: JPC creates a just, non-violent community, striving to strengthen individuals and families seeking reentry into society. We believe in and support the rights of all people affected by the criminal justice system and promote systemic changes that empower, inspire, and we provide person-centered, evidence-based, collaborative services. We advocate for positive change through mentorship, education, financial assistance, and other forms of advocacy.

Our Vision: JPC envisions a transformed society, where formerly incarcerated community members are no longer marginalized and stigmatized and feel empowered to lead fulfilling lives. The JPC model will be regarded as the standard for supporting women and men as they reenter society and strive to rebuild their lives. Because of our advocacy, the number of women and men in jail will continue to decrease. In addition, when they are released, they will receive the support they need to rebuild their lives and strengthen their families.

Our collaborative relationships with organizations and faith-based groups, including being collocated in the heart of the city and sharing resources, will result in seamless service delivery for the individuals and families we serve.

JPC will be the first point of contact for those involved in the criminal justice system. As we work to find alternatives to incarceration, we envision a community that will trust our work with those reentering society.

The value of investing in our work will be well recognized by foundations, corporations, government agencies, and community members. These funding partners fully support urban communities and those who have been marginalized by society.

Community transformation will be the result of our work. Jails will be repurposed for education and job training. Institutional systems designed to keep communities of color poor and underserved will no longer exist. Previously marginalized and stigmatized community members will feel empowered to lead fulfilling lives. Long overdue, hope and a sense of belonging will be restored


"I asked for help, and it made all the difference in the world."

Pauline, JPC Participant

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Racism is a Public Health Crisis.

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JPC Supports Clean Slate.

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Our Staff and Board

JPC Staff

Susan K. Porter, Executive Director

Annette Montstream, Senior Service Coordinator

Myril Stoudemire, Service Coordinator

Dorothy Chung, Mentor Coordinator

Cynthia Consaul, LCSW-R, Case Manager

Jeanette Gartland Creighton, LMSW CASAC, Case Manager

Shoney’C Davis, Mentor

Volunteer Staff

Alex Hrabko, IT

Valerie Hrabko, Administrative Support

Krista Jenkins, Website Development

Bri Jewell, Website Development

Edward Johnson, Administrative Assistant

Board Members

LaShana Boose, 

President of the Board,

City of Rochester

H. Gregory Bouie, Entrepreneur,

Aura Allure Fashion

Helen Jae Cheves, MA, II Steps Ahead, President Chair, Communications Committee

Sara R. Hughes, SUNY Research Foundation 2021

Karen A Jones, Avangrid Service Company, IT Contracts Manager, Secretary of the Board

Shermond Johnson-Reid, Vice President,

Joshua Wilcox, FoodLink Strategic Initiatives Manager, Communications Committee 2021

Cherie Wright-Banda, Data Manager, Monroe County Health Department, Governance Committee

Advisory Board

John M. Klofas, Ph.D. Retired, Prof. Criminal Justice, Rochester Institute of Technology


MacClurg Vivian Freelance, Grantwriter

Laurie Colasurdo, Bookkeeper

The JPC envisions a society with true justice and equality for all. We understand that in a just society, all institutions will be based on reconciliation and restoration, instead of retribution and violence.

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