Training Award

The Virginia and John Mackey Training Award

  1. Purpose: An award to a group or an individual seeking to train or already engaged in training individuals who will advocate in the criminal justice, restorative justice, or social justice fields. The award may be to an individual for his or her own training, or to a program that trains many individuals. Generally, preference for this Award will be given to a program or organization that trains groups.
  2. Criteria for the Award: As described in the Purpose. Training provided by JPC will not be eligible for the Award.
  3. Nominations for the Award: At a consistent time each year at the discretion of the JPC Board, announcements will be made that nominations are open, the award criteria, the form to be filled out, and the due date. Nominations may be submitted only by individuals, including individual JPC Board members, not by organizations or by the JPC Board itself. The individual may be a member of the public, or a person involved with a faith, criminal justice, social justice, or peace and justice group.
  4. Selection: The Awardee will be selected by the Mackey Training Award Committee and approved by the JPC Board.
  5. The Award: (1) Monetary Award: $1,000.00, as noted in “Use of Money from the Mackey Fund”. (2) Public Recognition: Announcement of the Awardee will be made in local, specialized, and other media as possible. A citation and a plaque or similar object will be presented at an appropriate JPC ceremony.
  6. Frequency of the Award: Annually, if warranted in the view of the JPC Board.

Nomination Form for Training Award