Volunteering & Internships

Volunteers Needed Now at JPC

1921 Norton Street, Rochester, New York 14609
Phone: (585) 325-7727  •  Fax: (585) 325-2165  •  info@rocjpc.org  •  www.rocjpc.org

Family Party Planner - 2 hours a week, Monday mornings, be part of a small team that hosts 4 seasonal family parties or educational events for moms and their children participating in the New Journey program. Create a theme, organize fun family events, solicit donations of food and door prizes for events. Transport clients and children to the event. Organize child care and set-up and clean up for each event.

Birthday Gifts Distribution Team - 2 hours occasionally, deliver birthday toys donated by the Pirate Toy Fund to New Journey clients and children. At Christmas, be part of Santa’s delivery team.

Writers - Articles are needed for publication in JPC’s bi-monthly criminal justice email newsletter, Justicia. Writers could focus on current activities in the office, fundraising events or JPC staff, board members, mentors and volunteers.

Opinion pieces in the criminal justice field and re-entry arena are needed as well. Articles and photos must be submitted electronically. We publish on line and distribute via an email program. Next deadline April1. Editor: Ana Liss.

Monday Night Workshop and Dinner Team- 3.5 hours a week from 3:30 to 6:30 or 7 PM. Plan and invite presenters for free Monday Night dinners and presentations. Work with the Team of 2 AmeriCorps participants and others who organize all phases of these weekly events. Cook if you like to help in the kitchen or call presenters if you enjoy working on the phones. In September 2013 our 2 fantastic AmeriCorps members will be gone and so we need a team that wants to continue this important support for returning citizens.

Administrative Assistant - 6 hours a week, answer phones, screen calls, welcome clients, triage clients on busy days, photo copy and fax, provide hospitality - make coffee and organize coffee supplies and snacks. Refer clients to other service providers and resources, maintain resource library and order library supplies. Interview clients and assist clients to obtain their birth certificate and their non-drivers identification.

Prisoner Correspondence and Advocacy - 2 hours a week on Friday mornings, work with a team and correspond with prisoners and their families, provide prisoners with the resources they need, research prison complaints and refer prisoners and their families to legal resources and re-entry providers. Advocate and problem solve with Prison and Jail staff.

Mentoring - 2 hours per week, meet one on one to coach men and women involved in the criminal justice system. Complete mentor training and then provide support and linkages to men or women leaving our county jail pre and post release. Free Training is 11 hours total and is offered 3 times a year, September, January (Dr. MLK Day) and April. See Mentor Training Flyer. JPC Manual provided.

To learn more about volunteering or make an appointment contact: Sue Porter at 325-7727 or email to make an appointment.