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JPC Clients Stories

and Testimonials


Shermond Johnson- Reid shares her candid life story and support for Judicial Process Commission.


"They make sure I know that someone cares about me."

The biggest thing the JPC does for me is let me know I’m not alone. I have depression and a lot of times I isolate myself and it makes things worse. Other programs if you don’t show up, you’re forgotten. These ladies don’t forget about me. They are always positive and supportive and pull me out of the isolation I put myself into. I know I’m not alone. They make sure I know that someone cares about me. When you’re trying to put your life together again, it’s just so overwhelming and you don’t know where to start. They help me take steps and find support.


"JPC is like family to us."

JPC has been helping me with a lot of things since I got out of jail. They helped me get my life back together. Sue helped me get my ID and my birth certificates, she sent me to different resources.  She helped me get an apartment so I can establish things with my son after some time when he wasn’t in my life. They have these awesome groups called New Journey where we discuss how we can change certain situations. JPC is not just a service that can help you, they are like family to us. JPC has been real good to me. 


"JPC pointed me in the right direction."

I’m originally from NYC, and I came to Rochester in 1991. I bounced around, drinking and drugging. It was finally in 2007 that I finally gave it up and went to Alexander Community Residence. Sue from JPC had me come in; she had me sit down and we started to process. She helped me with the certificate of relief. We collected letters, and it took a few months. It helped. It was real positive. Now I work at Alexander Community Residence, where I started. JPC pointed me in the right direction.


The JPC envisions a society with true justice and equality for all. We understand that in a just society, all institutions will be based on reconciliation and restoration, instead of retribution and violence.

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