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Women’s Legal Action Project and Legal Action Project…. established in 2007

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2/3 of all employers will not knowingly hire an ex-offender?  A disproportionate rate of African Americans are incarcerated and return to our communities with little to no resources. The Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative identified criminal convictions as the #1 barrier to employment. Insufficient resources exist locally to assist with their reentry and employment barriers.  

JPC helps by…..

collaborating with Legal Assistance of Western New York to reduce barriers to employment, restore jobs to those suspended/terminated due to their record. LawNY and the MC Public Defenders' Offfice assist with sealing client records and employment discrimination complaints.

Services include: obtaining the rap sheet and reviewing/correcting the RAP sheets, educating clients to their record and their legal rights to employment/education in New York State. Applications for certificates of rehabilitation are prepared. Female participants with 2 or more years of work experience are offered an interactive workshop experience.

Housing for the Homeless.............established in 2010

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Homeless women and men with past criminal justice system involvement are often denied housing because of their criminal convictions and lack of credit history or poor credit history.   


JPC helps by providing.....

permanent supportive apartments to 17 women and men and their children.  Our partners at the Rochester Housing Authority, HUD, make this program possible. Empowering supports help participants maintain stable housing, pursue employment and educational goals.

New Journey .........established in 2010

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Women with children returning from the Monroe County Jail have little or no finances, are suffering from significant trauma, compromised health, broken bonds with family and friends, repeated incidents of homelessness, to a community with insufficient reentry services.

JPC helps by providing.....

family reunification with children/partners, safe and affordable housing, mentors, therapeutic support groups, 1-on-1 counseling with Case Managers (licensed social workers) preparation for training, college and employment, wrap around supports such as: transportation, identifications, emergency food, bus passes, used household items, baby items and used furniture.

Faith Community Adult Mentoring Program ………established in 1996

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Criminal justice involved women and men are returning to our communities in record numbers.  They struggle with sustaining positive life changes.  Most return with the best intentions, but the challenges of returning to the same environment can be difficult.

You can help…..

Research has shown that positive social relationships are crucial in helping returning citizens to avoid patterns of substance abuse or criminal behaviors.  Our program links women and men exiting the Monroe County Jail with welcoming individuals.  These trained individuals mentor by providing support, encouragement, guidance, and linkages to employment resources.  

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The JPC envisions a society with true justice and equality for all. We understand that in a just society, all institutions will be based on reconciliation and restoration, instead of retribution and violence.

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